Royal Roses was born out of the need to provide exceptionally good floral services combined with great customer experience for lasting satisfaction.

Our customized floral arrangement is unique and special, just like our esteemed customers. Our passion towards our craft is evident in our extensive floral arrangement, vase presentations, event venue arrangement and gift box presentations. Our exclusive assortment of freshly cut roses last up to 7 days, with good retention of its fresh scent. Customers would be keen to indulge in our exclusive collection due to the freshness and exceptional value of our vibrant roses.

We stay true to the region’s rich culture and proactively provide traditional rose arrangements to suit the Arabian theme. Royal Roses’ freshly cut roses are available in 300 varieties, with the lengths ranging from 60 cm to 120 cm. We operate 7 days a week and accept deliveries to all over the UAE, scheduled to be delivered on the very same day itself. We are proud of the Royal Roses interactive portal that lets you choose your services from anywhere, anytime.

What sets Royal Roses apart from the rest are our specialized range of Preserved Roses, which are fresh roses technically enhanced to last for a longer period of time. Our specialized range of Preserved Roses lasts up to a year or more. Available in 25 colours, the Preserved Roses are available in 3 sizes (King, Queen and Princess).

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